Ontario, Canada Increases Work Visa Opportunities

Since the beginning of the year, the Government of Ontario, Canada has steadily increased the number of work visa opportunities being made available to eligible candidates. 

In January, the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) received an increased allocation of nominees under the three streams from 6,000 to 6,600. The increase in the allotment of visas under the program and issuance of Notifications of Interest (NOIs) will further facilitate worker mobility to the province. 

Being selected under the OINP is especially appealing for employers in Ontario and foreign nationals as it increases the likelihood of the worker moving toward more permanent residency in Canada. 

As of April 19, the OINP had issued 3,441 NOIs to candidates. The OINP is an in-demand program within the Canadian visa system as it provides employers in Ontario and foreign nationals interested in jobs in the province to be selected from a prequalified pool to fill visa slots. The program taps candidates already identified under the Canadian Express Entry program which connects the Canadian federal government, provincial governments and employers through a fully electronic process to facilitate the hiring of skilled foreign workers. 

The Human Capital Priorities Stream (HCP), the French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream (FSSW), and the Skilled Trades Stream (ST) are programs by the provincial government of Ontario to further expedite the hiring of foreign workers with specific skill sets. The breakdown is 2,587 NOIs under the HCP, 366 with the FSSW, and 488 with the ST. 

Employers and candidates cannot apply for a visa through the Human Capital Priorities Stream or other streams unless they meet additional eligibility requirements and receive a Notification of Interest from the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. Nominees who receive an NOI from the OINP have 45 days in which to apply.

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