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Powering the Next Generation of Global Talent Mobility

Global talent mobility is becoming a key component to global talent strategy, but bridging the gap between mobility and talent management can be difficult. Topia’s next-generation product suite powered by the new Topia One platform seamlessly connects talent mobility to global talent strategy.

Global talent mobility is responsible for a lot. Mobility teams are asked to oversee many types of mobile employees from short term assignments to permanent transfers to business travel. They ensure global compliance, instruct global payrolls, impact employee development, attraction, retention, and as COVID-19 has shown, play a significant role in employee health and safety. Global talent mobility sits in a unique position to touch almost every element of the talent lifecycle. It’s only natural that the next phase of talent mobility is one as a central component of talent strategy.

Bridging the gap between mobility and talent management has often been manual and spreadsheet driven due to the lack of a platform that brings together talent data and decisions.

How can a global talent mobility platform power your talent strategy?

Having the right people in the right place at the right time drives competitive advantage, but how do you actually do this in practice, when you have tens of thousands of employees in dozens of countries? How do you know whether it’s better to move someone from France or Malaysia, or just hire locally? In order to manage distributed work, businesses need the ability to quickly decide and execute on the best way to fill roles and get work done, while also balancing cost, compliance, and time considerations.

Agile decision making requires a new platform that exists at the intersection of HR technology. The information that lives in your HRIS, ATS, Payroll, and Finance systems needs to be joined with the practical complexities around hiring from abroad and relocating existing employees. For example, when you can identify the location of every internal employee with needed skillsets and compare that with the average cost and time to relocate those employees to the necessary location, the business can be more intelligent about who they use to fill roles.

The Topia One platform, along with the new versions of Topia’s applications bring all this together seamlessly by:

  • Creating a single source of data for the agile, mobile workforce
  • Driving efficient, scalable mobility programs through intelligent automation
  • Providing industry insights, benchmarking, and best practice analytics
  • Managing risk and compliance across global jurisdictions
  • Helping companies attract, develop, and retain their talent across locations
  • Supporting all types of mobility - from a short business trip to a multi-year assignment

Mobility Software Everyone can Use

Global mobility practitioners are used to knowing all the details and managing their programs using a complex set of tools and deep experience. The challenge, however, is that global mobility outputs must be consumed by HR Business Partners, people managers, and the employees on the move themselves.

We have created a solution that focuses on ease of use and self-service for everyone involved in mobility - from the mobility managers to HRBPs to payroll to the business unit managers. We’ve put a premium on designing a solution that surfaces the most important details right where you need them. And for the non-mobility folks, we’ve distilled down complex calculations and reports into easy to comprehend, accessible outputs.

Owning the global employee footprint

With COVID-19 - the new expectation is mobility needs to know where all an organization’s mobile employees are at a given moment, whether on assignment or traveling for work. With Topia One there is a singular platform that accommodates all types of mobile employees, including business travelers, and provides the basis for tracking location status in a single place. Instead of compiling data from different tools and spreadsheets, Mobility teams can surface their global footprint in a single dashboard.

True Platform for Data Standardization

One thing we heard loud and clear was the dream for benchmarking across policies, routes, and programs. To deliver that we’ve built the industry’s first standardized mobility data models that will enable mobility teams to understand how their program performs over time and compared to their peers. We’ve balanced the need for standards with the flexibility to accommodate even the most complex mobility programs.

While most mobility software vendors are attempting to automate the mobility world of a single customer as best as they can, the vision behind Topia One is to be the true platform bringing network effects across all customers leveraging it. When you start using Topia One, you will stand on the shoulders of all other customers on the platform: benefitting from out of the box integrations, pre-configured data models, best practice workflows, and more.

Extensibility and “plug and play”

The standardized data model also makes it possible to connect seamlessly with any other technology solution and add additional applications on top of the Topia One platform. If a customer leverages Workday in one region, but SAP SuccessFactors in another, we can easily connect with both.

Similarly, customers can easily connect their various mobility providers into Topia - quickly adding a relocation management provider in the US or changing the tax provider in APAC to immediately start sending initiation data and centralizing service delivery data from this provider in Topia without losing any information or risking delays in their moves.

The impact of Covid-19 brought mobility squarely into the view of the c-suite with the need for crisis planning and having a complete picture of global talent. Now is the opportunity for global mobility teams to stay at the forefront of talent strategy. Having the right platform will provide the operational efficiency, actionable insights, compliance management, and delightful employee experiences needed to unlock global talent mobility as the central pillar to talent strategy.

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