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GSA COVID-19 Guidelines for Federal Employee Relocations

Tristan North - Apr 29 2020
Published in: Public Policy
The U.S. federal government is still moving employees, albeit at a reduced pace. GSA announced a temporary increase in payments to CHAMP movers and risk mitigation guidelines for the move process.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has established a webpage specifically related to federal employee relocation and COVID-19. The United States federal government continues to relocate federal employees during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) but at a greatly reduced number.

The “Employee Relocation and COVID-19” webpage is a section of the GSA Acquisition Gateway website and includes guidance and other communications from GSA regarding the relocation of federal employees during the PHE. The webpage is a particularly helpful resource for relocation management companies (RMCs) and direct and indirect suppliers of relocation services to federal agencies.

Below is a summary of two current key items posted on the webpage.

Payment Increase for CHAMP Transportation Service Companies

On 20 April, GSA issued an advisory announcing a temporary 5% increase in payments for transportation service providers which participate in the Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) for moving the household goods of federal employees. The increased payment is retroactive to 13 March and in effect through 31 July. The additional payment will be added to the invoice submitted by the transportation service provider.

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidance

On 17 April, GSA released guidance for federal agencies and transportation service companies that participate in the CHAMP. GSA recommends that agencies and providers ensure that the transferees are comfortable with the interaction with household goods transportation service providers necessary for the move or reschedule it. The transportation service provider should also contact the transferee prior to the move to determine any potential exposure to COVID-19 with the move and take steps to minimize direct contact between moving personnel and the transferee and any family members. Lastly, GSA recommends that moving personnel and transferees follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on social distancing and wearing face masks.

How This Impacts Mobility

As the procurement agency of the U.S. Federal Government, GSA issues directives and guidance followed by U.S. federal agencies in the relocation of their employees. The guidance issued by GSA related to COVID-19 therefore has a direct impact on those Worldwide ERC® members involved with the relocation of federal employees.