Worldwide ERC® Joins Letter to Congress on Immigration Reform

Tristan North - May 03 2023
Published in: Public Policy
| Updated May 03 2023
Worldwide ERC® and over 400 organizations signed on to the letter by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

On 1 May, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched its campaign to address immigration reform and border security. To kick off the Legal Immigration Border Enforcement Reform This Year (LIBERTY) Campaign, the Chamber sent a letter to Congress outlining the objectives of the campaign. Worldwide ERC® and over 400 organizations signed on to the letter by the Chamber. 

Immigration reform is presently unlikely to occur this year given the current composition of the Congress and lack of sufficient bipartisan support. Given the importance of reform on the U.S. economy and employers, the Chamber is attempting to break through the gridlock by proposing ideas for reforms and strengthening border security identified by representatives of both parties. The reforms to the U.S. immigration system and border security outlined in the letter are as follows: 

  • Increasing the human, physical, and technological resources along the southern border and at ports of entry. 
  • Sensibly reforming our nation’s asylum laws. 
  • Instituting modern, effective, and efficient employment verification reforms. 
  • Significantly increasing the annual quotas for employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. 
  • Expanding the scope of essential worker programs, specifically allowing employers to meet temporary labor needs in non-seasonal jobs. 
  • Creating new visa options for international students, entrepreneurs, and other high-demand workers to help American employers meeting their critical workforce needs. 


The letter was first step of the LIBERTY Campaign. The Chamber on 4 May launched social media outreach using a toolkit on how to connect with your members of Congress. For more information on the campaign, please go to the LIBERTY website.