Selfless Service: Worldwide ERC® Recognizes Award Recipients

There is a spiritual aspect to our lives—when we give, we receive.
— Ben Cohen, co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s

Worldwide ERC® and the workforce mobility industry as a whole greatly benefit from the generous gifts of time and talent that so many members share throughout the year, whether through serving on a committee, participating in educational panels at meetings and events, authoring articles, or sharing insights and expertise on task forces, on forums, or in specific leadership positions.

Worldwide ERC® formally acknowledges the contributions of its members through its annual Service and Editorial Achievement awards programs. Since 1989, Worldwide ERC® has recognized members for their voluntary contributions to the organization via Meritorious Service Awards, Distinguished Service Awards, and induction into an esteemed Hall of Leaders. Awards in each of these service categories are earned upon the accumulation of 10 service points or 25 service points, or receipt of four Distinguished Service Awards, respectively.

The Editorial Achievement Award honors a Worldwide ERC® member or members who author a Mobility article or articles demonstrating outstanding and timely subject matter relevance, expertise, and writing excellence.

This year we are delighted to welcome one new member into the Hall of Leaders, congratulate 59 members for earning a Distinguished or Meritorious Service Award, and recognize one member for editorial excellence. We are grateful they chose to share their time and expertise in the service of their fellow professionals through Worldwide ERC®.

Hall of Leaders Inductee

This year Worldwide ERC® honors John Pfeiffer as a four-time Distinguished Service Award recipient, earning him induction into the Hall of Leaders. Pfeiffer is head of the reward center of expertise for Uniper SE, an energy company based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Pfeiffer worked to help establish the Strategic Talent Mobility (GMS-T)® designation. “Putting together the GMS-T® course was certainly intense, but it was one of the best experiences I have had with Worldwide ERC®. I will never forget the journey—from that first workshop in a hotel meeting room in Washington, D.C., with a team of dedicated experts from all over the world, to teaching the first live pilot of the course, through to the GMS-T®’s current adaption into an online module that will allow thousands of people to access updated content. Seeing the GMS-T® go from an idea discussed in a board meeting through to a successful pillar of Worldwide ERC®’s learning offering has been an amazing experience.”

Consistent with his interest in the GMS-T® course, Pfeiffer says that during his years of involvement with Worldwide ERC®, the association has been able to advance the integration of talent management and global mobility, enhance the overall level of education of mobility professionals, and help to position Worldwide ERC® as a global thought leader in the area of talent mobility. “I am extremely honored to have been a part of the organization during a time when it has expanded its focus both geographically and in the content it provides,” Pfeiffer says.

From a professional perspective, Pfeiffer believes he has benefited from the best-practice-sharing that Worldwide ERC® naturally offers through its working groups, committees, and meetings. “But more importantly, my work with Worldwide ERC® has challenged me professionally,” he says, “challenged me to remain on the cutting edge of my profession, challenged me to think about mobility in new, value-enhancing ways, challenged me to step back and see the big picture in a field that too often demands attention to the daily grind. And it is through this challenge to advance the state of our profession that Worldwide ERC® really benefits its members.”

In rising to meet this challenge, Pfeiffer feels, Worldwide ERC® membership offers the opportunity to meet and become friends and colleagues with people from all over the world. “I have been privileged to work closely with people from every continent and from every part of our industry during my time with Worldwide ERC®, forging friendships along the way that I will never forget,” he says. “I would like to thank Worldwide ERC®’s membership for all the great support over the years,” Pfeiffer adds. “We are part of a profession where many of us have no peers within our own companies. We are exotic specialists. By actively participating in Worldwide ERC®, you have helped form a community of peers from which I have drawn inspiration, knowledge, and camaraderie—and to which I hope to have contributed some measure of that which I have received.”

Mobility Editorial Achievement Award

The 2016 Editorial Achievement Award–winning article brings together an American rock band, an iconic candy, and workforce mobility optimization. What on earth do these things have in common? Tim McCarney, SCRP, SGMS, tells us in “Workforce Mobility Management Lessons … From Van Halen,” published in October. You may recall Van Halen—electric guitars, long hair, David Lee Roth—but you may not know they also had an unusual way of spotting red flags using M&M’s candies.

Van Halen’s touring contracts required venues to provide a backstage bowl of M&M’s with the brown ones removed. If a single brown M&M was discovered, the band could walk but still get paid. What sounds like rock-star hubris was actually driven by safety concerns. Van Halen’s shows were elaborate, and careful attention to detail was required to avoid serious injury. By burying the M&M’s clause in its contract, Roth and crew knew that if they discovered any brown M&M’s, the venue hadn’t read it word-for-word, and the well-being of Van Halen, fans, and arena staff could be compromised.

A number of business publications have since used the technique to help managers detect small problems early. McCarney demonstrates how such attention to detail—and reading all the fine print—can translate into a valuable and potentially cost-saving lesson for corporate mobility professionals, too.

See the full article for a complete list of 2017 Distinguished Service Award and Meritorious Service Award recipients.

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