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Singapore Leads in Tech-Based HR Software Innovation

Singapore’s rapidly expanding tech space creates exciting innovations in HR software.

Singapore’s highly attractive geographic location, digital friendliness, and tech talent pool cultivates innovative tech-based talent management systems. Through a number of exciting startups, Singapore innovates its way to the top of tech-based HR solutions that assist multinationals around the world.

The annual Global Innovation Index published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization, positions Singapore in the 8th spot, ahead of China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong in measuring innovation. With 80 out of 100 tech firms launching operations in Singapore, companies cite four advantages to working there: world-class innovation, a fast and modern IT infrastructure, rigorous IP protection, and a highly-skilled talent pool. Similarly, a Forbes article identified these five reasons the world’s tech firms are moving to Singapore: its strategic geographic location, free trade agreements, friendliness to digital trade and data, a tech-savvy talent pool, and its position as a geopolitical safe haven.

The result of Singapore’s expanding tech ecosystem is innovation in HR that will help companies manage talent.

The result of Singapore’s expanding tech ecosystem is innovation in HR that will help companies manage talent. ConnectDott is a Singapore-based company specializing in “connecting the dots” between such factors as talent management, learning, and human resources on its software platforms. Mathilda is also a Singapore-based company whose “user-first” software seeks to simplify and shorten the hiring process through an automated interview process. FastJobs and SnapHunt are both Singapore-based hiring platforms that make recruitment easier for employers and employees through digital. These companies continue to innovate and expand globally, assisting multinationals around the world with hiring and talent management needs.

In another digitally innovative move, Singapore joined the EU to implement the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) e-invoicing standard for automated billing. Benefits include reduced paper invoicing costs, accelerated invoice processing times, shortened payment delays, and near real-time visibility of payment cycles for cash-flow management, according to Bloomberg. The result is an innovative digital solution to invoicing.

As tech companies expand around the world to provide tech solutions to HR problems, they will continue to assist multinationals managing talent in innovative ways. Pushing Singapore further to the top in tech innovation, the country is an exciting location for HR professionals seeking innovative tech solutions throughout the talent management journey.

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