Survey: Mobile Assignments on the Rise in India

Major companies doing business in India expect a brisk pace of both short- and long-term assignments to continue there next year.

That’s according to a recent Cartus pulse survey of companies active in relocating employees to, from and within India.

Despite the fact that, as Cartus researchers noted, “The issues faced by companies relocating employees to, from, and within India can be substantial and are changing,” there seems to be little decline in global businesses’ mobility focus on India.

In fact, more than two-thirds (69%) expect to increase the number of long-term business travelers to India, while nearly half said both short-term assignments (49%) and long-term India employee assignments (45%) will increase in the near term.

Driving the movement for additional Indian assignments is a pervasive desire to transform work knowledge and fill immediate talent gaps. Some 58% of responding companies said transferring skills and knowledge was the primary reason they are sending employees to India. Another half pointed to the need for skilled workers in India to handle project work demands.

Bengaluru leads the most popular destinations for global business operations, with Hyderabad and Mumbai rounding out the top three work locales.

What are the most common benefits and challenges for employees going into India? Housing and transportation issues top both lists. For a look at the full survey results, click here.

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