The Reimagined Began with One Simple Question

How do we impact our customers’ lives in a meaningful way, every day? 

This inquiry is what sparked our digital transformation — and it continues to fuel our work, day and night, as we navigate bringing our vision to life with the April 2018 launch of the new Worldwide ERC® website. We set out to create a place where timely information and valuable tools come together to deliver a quality experience that builds confidence in decision-making, keeps people connected and in the know, and brings our global community together.  


The reimagined is a culmination of our best ideas in an engaging, responsive site focused on mobility with features that are designed to improve the knowledge and work life of the mobility community.

“To flourish as an organization, we must think like a for-profit business -- identifying and responding to competition, adopting powerful business standards, positioning for transparency and comparison, and optimizing opportunities. The difference? Our bottom line is not just about producing income, it’s about generating more resources so that we can continue to make investments in member needs.

- Peggy Smith, Worldwide ERC®, March 7, 2018, 12 Effective Ways To Operate A Nonprofit Like A For-Profit Business. 

Here’s what you can expect from Worldwide ERC® going forward:

  • A phase two release of the website to follow shortly after the first release. The second phase will concentrate on enhanced user profiles, preferences, and business listings.
  • New products and services to support our member community.
  • Continual improvement based on improved web analytics and customer feedback.
  • A bolder brand presence as the unbiased resource and guiding force fueling the industry.
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