Top Articles for September

Throughout the month of September, Worldwide ERC®’s articles highlighted a broad range of mobility topics – from the future of mobility and cyborgs, to talent mobility policy. Check out the five most-read articles from September and discover valuable insights to drive your organization’s mobility programs and policies forward.

1. China Individual Income Tax Changes Will Impact Expats

Changes to China’s Individual Income Tax (IIT) proposed in June are expected to take effect in October of 2018, with full implementation on 1 January 2019. The changes will change tax computations for both residents and non-resident workers earning income in China.

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2. U.S. IRS Says 2018 Reimbursements for 2017 Moves are Tax Free

In Notice 2018-75, 2018-41 IRB 1, issued 21 September 2018, the Internal Revenue Service holds that 2018 reimbursements or employer payments for employee moves occurring in 2017 remain excludable from the incomes of the employees.

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3. U.S. State Conformity to Tax Reform Moving Expense Change

Companies must make decisions as to whether to gross up for moving expenses that are now taxable in 2018. This includes decisions as to how handle gross-ups for state taxes.

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4. 10 Questions to Ask Your Employer Before Your Relocation

Relocating for your career can be a huge step. Here are 10 questions you need to ask your employer—and yourself—before relocating.

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5. Mobility: Global Assignment to Leadership Pipeline

Employers know that global assignments build leaders, and in a globalized world, weaving such experience into their workforces is an imperative for growth.

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