Virtual Spring Conference Preview: Real Estate, Remote Work, RFPs, and More

From discussions on real estate, remote work, RFPs, and more, here is a look into what the first day of what this year’s virtual Spring Conference has in store.

Over the past year, unprecedented challenges have been thrown our way, yet the workforce mobility industry has taken these challenges head-on. In the world of work, some things have changed, but with new lessons learned, it’s time for the mobility industry to once again come together to educate, connect, and look to the future.

This year’s Spring Conference will see us go virtual again, and we’re retaining all of the key elements of our in-person event: dynamic speakers, robust concurrent educational sessions, an extensive marketplace and exhibition hall, networking opportunities and events. This event will bring together relocation professionals including corporate relocation managers, real estate professionals and relocation service representatives.

Between 24-26 May, attendees have the opportunity to discuss current issues affecting the relocation industry, focusing on U.S. domestic issues including remote work, compliance, diversity and inclusion and much more. Here’s what the first day of the virtual Spring Conference has in store on Monday, 24 May.

Keynote Speaker Cheryl Cran Brings Us into the Future

The event will kick off with our keynote speaker, future of work and change leadership expert Cheryl Cran. She’ll discuss upcoming trends and the impact of the pandemic on the future of work; present ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of remote work for teams; discuss how to think like a “futurist”; provide examples of companies that are quickly adapting to the future of work; and present a list of action items to apply to enter the future world of work.

Real Estate, Remote Work, RFPs, and More in Relocation

Following the keynote address, attendees can choose from a range of sessions led by industry professionals and peers, such as:

  • A New Way to RFP: Less Time & Better Outcomes - What if there was a better way to RFP? Join this session for answers to all your most pressing questions and learn how to restructure the RFP for a quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective process.
  • The Canadian Connection... Cross-border Policy Insights (to/from Canada and the U.S., and within Canada) - Join this panel discussion on moves to/from Canada and the U.S., or within Canada, with a variety of topics including an understanding of how and why U.S. companies create policies for moves in Canada, how policies should/could be designed, an update on the real estate market and how it affects relocation programs.
  • Reinventing Global Mobility Through Tech: Solutions for a Post-Pandemic World - In this session, experts in mobility, immigration, and tax will discuss the elevated role of global mobility shaped by the pandemic, and technology advancements positioned to support the industry’s multifaceted growth and emerging challenges.
  • The 3 R's of Real Estate & the Economy - Join this presentation to learn about how the real estate industry can Reinvent, Recharge, and Reignite.
  • Remote Work: Opportunities & Risks for Your Mobility Program - As remote work becomes an engrained feature of today’s workplace, what are the benefits and risks for your mobility program? Where should you look to leverage the cost savings of a remote workforce? What are the areas of risk and how to mitigate them? Our speakers will explore these topics and more.
  • Understanding Relocation Trends through Census Data - The annual American Community Survey provides rich household and population demographics for the entire U.S., including movers. See a demonstration and discussion of where people are moving from and moving to by demographics, income, education level, and more.
  • The Big 3: Tangible Steps Toward Transforming Every Workplace for Good - This presentation will help participants combat widespread organizational challenges by examining and discussing ways to transform their workplace and enhance equity for good.

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After these educational and engaging sessions, we’ll come together with our networking reception followed by “Networking in the Wild,” where groups will compete against each other to see who will survive the many obstacles encountered on a wilderness survival challenge. But that’s just the first day – join us all three days of this exciting opportunity to connect, learn, and move the industry forward together at the virtual Spring Conference. Register now!

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