What’s New: 5 Ways We Are Changing Things Up at AMC This Year

After launching our new website in April of this year, the Americas Mobility Conference is also getting a makeover. Our conference theme this year is “Be bold,” so naturally, you’ll find us taking some chances, based on your feedback on past conferences, and trying a few new conference changes to AMC this year:

1. Compact Conference

Our new close time – adjourning at 11:45 on Friday – giving you more time to get back home and start impressing your co-workers with your newfound innovation skills and vision for the future.

2. Session Variety

Variety is the spice of the new AMC event format this year. The addition of 30-minute educational sessions provides opportunities for shorter learning opportunities and to expand the topics you can explore. We are also implementing pop-up meetings, which are impromptu gatherings in between your scheduled activities in a designated lounge area designed for relaxed and informal conversation. Throughout the conference, look for push notifications from the mobile app about spontaneous conversations on trending topics.

3. Networking, Networking

You told us you’d like more time to connect and converse with your colleagues, business partners, prospects, and clients. Because of our new close time on Friday, we have extended marketplace hours on Thursday. In addition to our marketplace hours, we’ve added more time for networking during the Thursday luncheon program.

4. Future Focus

With new disruptions facing our industry, now is the time for all of us to sharpen our innovation planning skills. As our industry faces a period of rapid change, headline speakers Peter Sheahan and sports franchise pioneer Susan O'Malley will provide insights for us all on navigating disruption, innovating through changing times, and charting your business’ unique path forward. Additionally, a new “innovation workshop,” hosted by YP40, will take participants through the innovation process, revealing the secret sauce to tackling any business problem.

5. Video for All

Our President and CEO, Peggy Smith, will be hosting a video series onsite with industry leaders to glean rapid insights into trends, challenges and solutions for the Americas region. A “video wall” comprised of multiple screens will also run ongoing highlights, as well as interviews with program planning committee members about the sessions they designed.

Of course the best part about AMC is you. You make the conference. So bring your bold ideas and wear your inspiration cap, and we’ll see you in Dallas – register now.

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