What to Look for at Americas Mobility Conference in 2019

As a consumer, you expect flexible, personal responses to your changing needs.  Your professional development experiences should be all of those things, too.  That’s why you’ll find a wholly redesigned Americas Mobility Conference. With an “It’s About You” theme as our guide, we’ve carefully absorbed and incorporated your feedback on past events into some new concepts that put you at the center of all planning for this one.  Ideas like

A 360-degree stage, featuring content built on your needs

All aspects of this event started with the questions: What do you need? In this rapidly changing world of work, what can we provide right now to make you more successful?  The answers will quite literally be center-stage at this event, with keynotes and thought leaders exploring real challenges and real solutions from a circular stage in which you can fully immerse yourself and take part.  You’ll also find varied session lengths to give you greater flexibility and an open exhibit hall concept to better and more frequently connect with your peers. We can’t wait to welcome YOU.

A Central “Hangout”

The “Hangout” is your all-in-one exhibit hall, studio, innovation lab, networking hub and more. Taken from “Google Hangouts” where people come together and network, learn from each other, share experiences and create connections – you’ll experience that same idea in person in Atlanta - yesterday’s marketplace is today’s Hangout!

More Face-to-Face Time
Previous meetings offered you 6 hours of exhibit hall/marketplace time to connect and find new services. Today’s Americas Mobility Conference will host over 25 continuous hours of open time for interacting, participating in tech demos and networking. Find new services and partners on your schedule.

New Learning Opportunities

In addition to the talent mobility content you’ve come to expect, like the Corporate Benchmarking Workshop, Immigration-focused sessions, and the Tax & Legal Update, you’ll also enjoy access to expanded learning and educational opportunities to gain new business skills and grow your company and career. A few we are particularly excited about include a change management in mobility industry workshop and business agility in the age of mobility. In addition to learning from your colleagues and industry peers, you’ll hear from speakers outside of the industry with unique perspectives too valuable to miss. Start planning your session schedule now.

More Fun!

Wednesday’s opening will roll directly into the Quicken Loans’ All Conference Kickoff Party. Open to all attendees, Quicken Loans wanted to join forces so everyone can stay together longer and decided to host their amazing party in the conference Hangout!

Bring your problems – you’ll find solutions.
Bring your disruptive ideas – and create innovation.
Bring yourself and a colleague - we will see you in Atlanta, May 7-10. Register now.

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