Worldwide ERC® Releases New Future of Mobility Report

Download: The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future

Take an industry already challenged by a shortage of talent and skills. Add a massive helping of innovative technology and automation; include a range of demographics and generational preferences; then sprinkle in a generous portion of geographic uncertainty. Top it off with some organizational transformation, combine with a global community of seasoned mobility professionals, and blend well. The result? You’ve just duplicated the conditions that led Worldwide ERC® to develop its new report, The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future.

Ours is an industry that readily manages change, but the current business environment is unlike any we’ve experienced before. As Mark Frederick (Global Talent Management Consulting) observed, today’s climate is often described with the acronym “VUCA” (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Against the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 – we enlisted Mark and a core of thought leaders to help identify the most pressing future of mobility issues, and supported their insight with additional industry benchmarking and research. The report is laced with examples and recommendations for mobility professionals to build their skills as strategic partners to employers, clients, colleagues, transferees and assignees – and to gain a better understanding of a rapidly advancing mobility landscape.

Here’s just a peek at what you’ll read about when you download the report:

  • Future skills for the mobility profession – and the one skill that must be added for optimal expertise
  • Employee experience that super-charges their readiness for leadership roles
  • The impact of the sharing economy on transferee/assignee preferences and behavior
  • Generational “stage of life” needs
  • Strategic partnering for talent retention, skills shortages, workforce changes, geopolitics and technology
  • The accelerated pace of moving work to people
  • The impact of contingent workers on mobility and talent sourcing
  • The changes in store for duty of care in the future of mobility
  • Sourcing and mapping talent versus supply as part of the mobility journey
  • What’s making mobility faster for the future

See why Robert Horsley (Fragomen Worldwide) says the power of digital will produce a particular kind of experience that will become the “point of engagement;” how Sarah Hunt (Mondelēz International) cautions that meeting business needs is critical, or “business units will go around you;” and why Christine Landoll, GMS-T feels that “all of us touching talent sourcing and mobility management will be looking at a range of solutions from classic, nontraditional and sometimes surprising channels.”

Beyond detailing the abundance of workforce challenges that sit together today, the report is optimistic and applicable, packed with suggestions for mobility professionals to take charge of their careers, leverage opportunities, and excel in the future of mobility. Says 2018 Worldwide ERC® Chairman Mark Lozano SCRP, GMS (Wells Fargo): “We are working toward a world where—when talent is needed, or a talent problem needs to be solved—the first inclination at the strategic level in an organization is to engage HR with mobility.”

Learn about navigating next-level mobility! Download your copy of The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future.

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