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CRP® Study Groups

Worldwide ERC® highly recommends that when preparing for the exam, candidates purchase and study the FULL set of source materials.  All test questions come from these materials. To make it easier to study, the content areas assessed in the exam are detailed in the booklet “How to Earn the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) Designation”.

We understand, however, that some test takers experience anxiety around testing and prefer to prepare with a group. Therefore, we are listing available study groups below. This list is updated as we receive new information, so please check back often.

PLEASE NOTE that these study groups are independent from Worldwide ERC®.  We list them here for informational purposes only. Worldwide ERC® does not endorse any individual study group.  Registering for a study group does not register you for the exam – a separate application and applicable fees must be submitted to Worldwide ERC®.  Registration fees for any of these courses are collected by the course providers and are not applied to membership or registration fees required to take the CRP® exam.

Arizona Relocation Alliance (ARA)

12 February 2020 – 9 May 2020; Wednesdays @ 11 AM (U.S. MT)
$375 (13 weeks + cram day); $300 for cram day only
Sessions are recorded for late registrants to use!
To register, please visit: https://aratoday.org/event-3673308

Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council (CMARC)

19 February 2020 – 6 May 2020; Wednesdays 3 PM (U.S. ET)
$0 for CMARC members; $100 for non-CMARC members
To register, please visit: http://charlottecmarc.com/education

Contact the Professional Development staff at +1 703 842 3430, ext. 1, or CRP@WorldwideERC.org