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What if you could benchmark your ENTIRE mobility program? Now you can with the Global Movement Study

The Global Movement Study is a groundbreaking examination of global mobility program structures and practices. As a first-of-its-kind policy survey framework, database results will allow companies to truly benchmark the entirety of their global programs against peers and best practice industry leaders. Participation is open until December 31 to corporate HR professionals working in a mobility program.  

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With your participation and upon completion of the study, the Global Movement Study will be a database that

    • you can leverage and customize to your needs featuring information on every type of global mobility policy and practice across a wide variety of verticals, sizes, programs and regions;
    • you can modify in coordination with access to our policy library, to benchmark your ENTIRE program based upon what view you want;
    • you will automatically receive a global summary, with the option to purchase detailed, customized data.
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Survey FAQs

How long will it take me to add in all of my mobility programs?

Recent survey submissions are taking approximately one hour to complete. You will be able to save your progress and complete at your convenience.

When will results be available?

Results will be available February 2020.

What do I get for participating in the survey?

You will indeed receive access to our new online benchmarking solution, along with global results access, as a thank you for participating.

In addition, it is possible to purchase premier access, which allows you to interactively segment results based on some key criteria such as industry, company revenue, headcount, mobility program size, region, etc side by side with your own program’s policies.

Will my contact info and my company’s info be kept confidential?

Answers are kept strictly confidential.  An organization can ask to do peer/industry benchmarking comparisons, but we follow industry standard safe harbor guidelines to ensure that no individual organization’s data is exposed, only aggregates (you can imagine that technology companies on average have different practices from manufacturing, so that is useful to know).  

The only place your organization’s name would appear is on the participant list. 

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If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Matt Gilliland at mgilliland@worldwideerc.org or +1 703 842 3406.

The value in these surveys comes in the form of shared knowledge. One of the cornerstones of the mobility service is our ability to share knowledge and leverage industry best practices and trends to enhance and disrupt our programs. Our mobility program is going through a transformation and the data from the survey will be helpful in seeing how other teams are using their programs to support top talent attraction and management.


Sheri Poscente
Program Manager- Global Mobility


When I learned that Worldwide ERC® was working on a benchmarking project to provide comprehensive industry data to mobility professionals, I couldn’t have been more excited. As others in the field can testify, it’s an ongoing challenge to effectively benchmark the myriad of policy types that our company has designed to meet business needs. As I completed the corporate survey designed to gather this information, I was impressed by its design - it allowed me to provide accurate and comprehensive information on our programs in a way that didn’t limit me to just a few drop down categories that our policies may not fit into neatly. The survey is uniquely designed and if the benchmarking resources are as well thought out and thorough as the survey, then I look forward to a tool that will undoubtedly become a cornerstone for policy reviews moving forwards.


Roxanne Stehlik, GMS
Sr. Global Mobility Specialist


There is power in numbers, and data is no exception.  I completed the survey with this in mind and with the hope that my fellow mobility professionals would do the same.  By us all coming together to contribute to this effort, we and the industry at-large, will benefit from the "power" the study will give us!


Jim Carroll, SCRP SGMS-T
Senior Manager, Global Mobility


I have been in Mobility for 11 years with none or very little internal support from employers. Worldwide ERC® has provided me with tools I have used and will continue to lean on in the years to come. I recently joined a company that has no defined Mobility program and I have the opportunity to build it from the bottom up.By participating in this survey, I hope to get a feel and understanding for the market norms in people movement. With this information and collaboration with other Worldwide ERC® members I am hoping to create a competitive program for my employees and new employer.


Amanda Brown
Global Mobility Senior Program Manager
Snowflake Computing