Talent Mobility in a Full Employment Economy

Chief Human Resources Officers experts believe talent mobility is an important tool in their overall HR talent strategy. Professionals in the field find that talent mobility allows them to get the right person for the right job.

However, managing talent in a full employment economy poses unique challenges for HR managers. To understand the effects of a full employment economy on the talent marketplace, Worldwide ERC® Research conducted a survey and in-depth interviews with Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and HR experts to determine:

  • The impact that the full-employment economy has had on their business.
  • How CHROs and HR experts adjust their HR strategies in the current talent marketplace.
  • How professionals in the industry utilize talent mobility to help their organizations overcome the challenges posed by a full-employment economy. 

This study found that many HR experts are relying on more than just compensation to compete for talent and are increasingly concerned with their brand recognition and digital presence. They recognize talent mobility as a tool that can reduce the costs associated with increased competition in the current talent marketplace. 


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