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The Recruitment of the Next Worldwide ERC® CEO:

Keeping You Informed of Progress

As the search for the next Worldwide ERC® CEO continues, we are committed to keeping you informed of our progress during all phases of the process. The following information gives you a timeline of events, and we’ll be regularly adding to this information as we move forward. If you have any questions about the search, please contact 2020 Worldwide ERC® Chairman and Search Committee Co-Chair, Ed Hannibal, GMS.


DECEMBER 31, 2019

The members of your Worldwide ERC® CEO Search Committee have been extremely active over the last 10 weeks interviewing and evaluating candidates for the CEO position.

Through our search firm, James and Company, we continue to identify extremely qualified inclusive transformational leaders who we are getting to know through our process. We are excited with the prospects for the new chief executive. We look forward to naming and filling this important role early in 2020.


NOVEMBER 8, 2019

The Search Committee finalizes the CEO position description and executive search firm James & Company is hard at work identifying highly qualified candidates from both within and outside of our association community. Candidates will be reviewed by the CEO Search Committee members initially, and ultimately the full Board of Directors.


OCTOBER 22, 2019

To aid in the leadership selection process, the Worldwide ERC® Board of Directors names a CEO Search Committee, blending the expertise and perspectives of current and former board members and representatives from across all segments of the talent mobility industry. The following individuals comprise the Search Committee:


Search Committee Co-Chairs
Ed Hannibal, GMS
2020 Chairman of the Board
Deloitte Tax LLP, Chicago, Illinois

Sue Carey, SCRP, SGMS-T
2019 Chairman of the Board
Baird & Warner, Chicago, Illinois


Search Committee Members
Robert Brezosky
2019 Vice Chair – Finance
The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, California

Andrew P. Walker, GMS-T
2019 Vice Chair – Talent Community
EY, New York, New York


Robert J. Horsley
2019 Past Chairman
Fragomen Worldwide, Santa Clara, California


Merritt Q, Anderson
San Jose, California

Kathryn Cassidy
Altair Global, Dallas, Texas


Robin Clowes, CRP, GMS
Dell, Inc., Austin, Texas

Erik Eccles
Airbnb, San Francisco, California


Vicki Lander, CRP, GMS
Weichert Workforce Mobility, Chicago, Illinois

Eddie McLeod
Apple, Cupertino, California


OCTOBER 2, 2019

Worldwide ERC®’s Board of Directors confirms that executive search firm James & Company is assisting in the development of the position description and recruitment process of the next leader of the organization.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Worldwide ERC® announces the news that President & CEO Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T will depart at the end of 2019, and will work in close collaboration with the Board of Directors and staff to ensure a smooth transition.