SCOTUS Rules CFPB Funding Mechanism Constitutional

SCOTUS Rules CFPB Funding Mechanism Constitutional

The Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling that the current funding mechanism for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is constitutional.

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From economic stimulus and tax relief to immigration reform and real estate public policies to duty of care and compliance, if public policy involves the recruiting, hiring, deploying, and/or relocating of a working professional, then Worldwide ERC® will be advocating for solutions to best support a mobile workforce.

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Worldwide ERC® works on public policy to provide economic relief for employees and employers and protections from COVID-19 liability for employers who comply with the law.


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Worldwide ERC® Leads on COVID-19 Workforce Mobility Safety


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The global public policy environment impacts talent mobility in many ways, across industry sectors. Our leaders and efforts work to create inspired solutions that rely on our strong relationships with policymakers, business stakeholders and the association’s:

  • Four Forums, each with a different focus: global immigration, North American real estate, global compliance, and global tax.

  • Government Affairs Committee, the primary governance body for Worldwide ERC®’s public policy proposals and solutions.

  • Worldwide ERC® Leaders including Vice President, Member Relations and Operations, Michael T. Jackson, and Government Affairs Advisor, Tristan North.

  • Board of Directors, who ultimately decide the appropriate level of response to the public policy issues presented by the policy forums.  The Chair-Elect of the Worldwide ERC® Board of Directors, Ashli Aldrich, and Director, Tanya Mariottini, serve as liaisons between the Board and the four policy forums.

Immigration Forum: 

The mission of the Immigration Forum is to educate the Worldwide ERC® on immigration policies important to workforce mobility and, as appropriate, to develop and present the position of Worldwide ERC® to influence that policy. Pursuant to the Worldwide ERC® “Business Immigration Policy Position Statement,” the ability of employers to move employees to different countries is the backbone of international workforce mobility. Immigration policy is therefore a critical component of the public policy priorities of Worldwide ERC®.  Members of our Immigration Forum represent a wide spectrum of multinational companies, start-ups, and leading legal and consultancy firms and include nationally recognized experts in areas of immigration law, policy, and mobility management. 

Immigration Policy Forum Leadership: 

Chair:  Azmina Aboobaker, Meta 

Vice-Chair:  Ann Truett, Fragomen  

Past-Chair:  Jurga McCluskey, Deloitte - UK 

North American Real Estate and Mortgage Forum: 

A critical component of the successful relocation of employees involves moving from one home to another home and often includes the sale and/or purchase of personal property. Home sales are complicated transactions which are more complex when dealing with transferees and potentially employers and relocation management companies. The objective of the North American Real Estate and Mortgage Forum is to determine those aspects of real estate transactions important to workforce mobility and educate the Worldwide ERC® membership on real estate related issues, compliance and tax issues related to mortgage lending and the conveyancing of real property and, when appropriate, develop and present the position of Worldwide ERC® to influence real estate policies. 

North American Real Estate and Mortgage Forum Leadership: 

Chair:  Patrick McManamy, McManamy McLeod Heller, LLC 

Vice-Chair:  Cathleen Podell

Past-Chair:  Jay Hershman, Baillie & Hershman 

The relocation of employees around the world requires an awareness of the myriad of laws, regulations, and requirements of the various countries in which Worldwide ERC® members operate. Understanding the legal and regulatory regimes of various governments is a critical component of a compliant mobility program. Employers, relocation management companies, and direct delivery providers all comprise a sophisticated system to ensure employees and their families along with their personal goods are properly relocated while adhering to local, national and international laws and standards. The objective of the Worldwide ERC® Compliance Forum is to (i) inform our stakeholders of key current legal and regulatory issues which impact workforce mobility and (ii) engage in initiatives and educational actions to support the Worldwide ERC® membership on compliance matters. 

Global Compliance Forum Leadership: 

Chair – Jeff Margolis, SIRVA  

Vice-Chair – Walter Dannemiller III, Dwellworks 

Past-Chair – George Powdar 

Domestic and global deployment of employees, whether on assignment or by relocation, subject an individual and their employer to a myriad of varying tax codes and tax policies. These codes and policies can be an important determination of where companies locate operations as they both have a legal and financial impact to the employer as well as on the transferee’s/assignee’s related tax obligations.  The objective of the Tax Forum is to monitor and educate the membership on the significant tax law and regulation changes of particular relevance to workforce mobility, and, as appropriate, influence tax policy specific to relocation through active support of advocacy efforts. 

Global Tax Forum Leadership: 

Chair:  Jennifer Stein, Global Tax Network (GTN) 

Vice Chair:  Sheryll Young, Vialto Partners 

Past-Chair:  Craig Anderson, AECC Mobility 


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