Remote Work

Remote work, the first topic of Worldwide ERC®'s new research series, Industry Insights, looks at how CHROs and senior HR professionals, Corporate HR Mobility professionals and Mobility Service Providers, are tackling the remote work dilemma head on in driving the future of work.

"Remote work is the quintessential intersection of many business functions in an organization in that it is driving companies to holistically address employee experience, compensation and benefits, and tax and immigration compliance — all from both a personal and corporate perspective — while also potentially driving workplace inclusivity and corporate sustainability efforts,” said Worldwide ERC® Senior Vice President for Product Strategy and Development Karen Cygal, who led the research. “In other words, remote work, especially post-pandemic, has become a prism through which employees decide where they want to work and employers evaluate policies to attract them, which makes the findings of this report both interesting and useful.

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Hear how Chief Human Resources Officers and Senior HR leaders are looking at how to address the intricacies of Remote Work.

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Corporate HR Mobility

Hear how Corporate HR Mobility Professionals are grounding the Remote Work conversation with their knowledge of managing employees that could potentially work anywhere.

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Mobility Service Provider

Hear how Mobility Service Providers are addressing Remote Work within their own companies and how as an industry we are adapting.

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Remote Work Insights

A final Insights Report that includes data from all 3 surveys and examines the intersections of opinions from all three groups data and how we can elevate and steer the Remote Work conversation.

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