The Perfect Storm:
Talent Mobility Leaders
Decode the Future

Mobilizing talent is an ever-changing target, and those of us responsible for it stand in a perfect storm of workforce disruption.

What is The Perfect Storm?

We are rocked by a fusion of skills scarcity, advanced technology and automation, geopolitical ambiguity, demographic layers and organizational changes.

These forces are collectively transforming talent mobility from a primarily operational function to a strategic partnership between talent management and business leaders.

What’s Inside

Trusted Experts in the Mobility Industry

With connections to some of the best mobility minds in the world, we drew from several sources to develop this report, including comprehensive individual interviews with mobility thought leaders, focus groups, supplementary polling, and an extensive literature search.

Real-World Scenarios

We understand your challenges. So do our expert contributors. Together, we explore these challenges and offer examples of how industry leaders are starting to meet them.

Detailed Analysis & Takeaways

For each aspect of “The Perfect Storm,” our team delves into expert and panel insights and shares key, actionable takeaways for company and practitioner success.

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