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Real Data. Real Program Benchmarking.

Ensure your mobility program is industry competitive and meets the needs of your business with our Program Benchmarking and Development Tools.



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True Program Benchmarking

Worldwide ERC Research’s Program Benchmarking tool is a first-of-its-kind, cloud based, interactive platform for benchmarking your entire mobility program.

How is Program Benchmarking Different?

Powered by our cutting edge Global Movement Study, the platform allows you to truly benchmark your entire mobility program, with detailed data on 10 common policy types, from long term assignments to permanent transfers, across 30 common policy elements.

All-In-One Program Development

Worldwide ERC Research’s Program Document Creator allows you to create everything needed to run a new mobility program, or improve on your existing program, from policies to assignment letters.

What’s included?

Access to our cloud based, interactive Program Document Creator, with simple step by step guides to create your global or domestic mobility policies, assignment letters and more. Coming soon: live benchmarking data from our Global Movement Study to help you make data driven program decisions.

The first live, global benchmarking database of over 1,000 mobility policies supporting 50,000+ employees across 10 common policy types.

Benchmark your program against peer companies by filtering data on key program and policy criteria such as:

  • Industry
  • Headquarters Location
  • Organization Revenue
  • Organization Headcount
  • Voluntary & Company Initiated Moves
  • Job Level
  • Full Time, Part Time & Gig Employees
  • Professional & Blue Collar Employees

Interact With Live Benchmarking Data

Access & Inquiries

Worldwide ERC Research’s interactive benchmarking platform provides industry leading, live program data from leading organizations across the world.

Utilize our benchmarking platform, powered by our Global Movement Study, for true program benchmarking to understand how your program compares to your industry peers and how your program can be improved.

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