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Are You Ready For Gen Z Relocation?

24 October 2019



Join Worldwide ERC® at 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern time on 24 October 2019 for this webinar sponsored by Crown World Mobility

Are you really ready for Gen Z relocation?
Join this session to get the latest on ways the youngest millennials and emerging Gen Z employees are disrupting mobility and bringing innovation to our industry. From the practical to the strategic, this engaging webinar will address topics including balancing the increasingly important Employee Experience (EX) with the reality of Lump Sum moves, the hottest alternatives to traditional housing options, and the value of aligning Mobility with D&I and Employee Well Being strategies.

Credits: CRP, GMS
Focus: U.S. Global

The Speakers

Lisa Johnson
Global Practice Leader, Consulting Services

Lisa Johnson

Crown World Mobility