Cost Savings Without Sacrifice

6 Sep 2018
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Join Worldwide ERC® on 6 September 2018 at 11:00 AM  (ET) for this webinar sponsored by Crown World Mobility

“A practical discussion about understanding the costs of an assignment and how to reduce non-productive costs”

Historically reducing the costs of an assignment was focused on the more obvious items such as cutting temporary housing allocations, or other assignee benefits and even the duration of the assignment itself. While these may still have merit in an overall review these types of savings will often have a direct and negative impact on the assignee.

Today, the opportunities for saving costs have become a little more refined. By creating and understanding a budget of the core costs you can reduce exceptions and avoid duplication. Good savings can also be made with some pro-activity with expense claims and payroll, plus managing non-productive costs such as bank and foreign exchange charges and VAT. All of this can be achieved without being at the expense of the assignee experience.

The talk will give the non-financial participant a peek behind the budgeting curtain and provide them with some wider perspective of reducing costs without compromising program integrity.

Cost: Free
Credits: CRP, GMS
Focus: U.S. Domestic, Global


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The Speakers

Global Practice Leader for Compensation Services

Phil Smith

Crown World Mobility