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Digitization, Automation and the Future of Mobility Management

08 OCTOBER 2019



Join Worldwide ERC® at 2:00 PM U.S. Eastern time on 08 October 2019 for this webinar sponsored by Bristol Global Mobility

Global Mobility is facing exciting, challenging, transitional times unlike any other in our industry’s history. Organizations are racing to re-think and transform their global mobility programs in response to the technological revolution all around us.

Many in Mobility are focused on how to streamline critical processes through digital technologies in order to increase efficiencies, lower costs and automate tasks that have traditionally been managed by people, while refocusing efforts to enhance the authentic human connections that will improve the overall "Experience" of relocating employees, corporate clients, supplier partners and colleagues.

Bristol Global Mobility will provide an overview of general industry trends, envision the future and offer some insights into how one Relocation Management Company (Bristol) is embracing new technologies to digitize, automate and transform the mobility experience for all stakeholders.

Credits: CRP, GMS
Focus: U.S., Global

The Speakers

Martin Foxwell
SVP, Global Consulting & Communications

Martin Foxwell

Bristol Global Mobility
Paul Seymour
Vice President & Solutions Architect

Paul Seymour

Bristol Global Mobility