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Policy Flexibility - Too Much or Not Enough?

13 August 2019



Join Worldwide ERC® at 11:00 AM U.S. Eastern time on 13 August 2019 for this webinar sponsored by SIRVA

Flexibility has become a significant focus for teams that manage mobility programs, mobility customers (stakeholders) and relocating employees. Organizations must find a balance between program structure and flexibility in order to manage process efficiencies and total mobility investment. Our webinar will explore the following:

  • How do you define the right level of flexibility that is added to your program?
  • Where can you add flexibility to your policy? 
  • Best practices to balance policy flexibility with customer and employee experience
  • Challenges you may encounter for change management

Webinar participants will gain insights and suggestions to address the challenge of managing mobility programs using a structured flexibility approach.

Credits: CRP, GMS
Focus: U.S. Global

The Speakers

Kathy Burrows
Director, Global Consulting

Kathy Burrows

Taryn Kramer
VP, Global Consulting

Taryn Kramer