Remobilising a Global Workforce

25 September


Join Worldwide ERC® on 25 September 10 am GMT+8 (24 September 10 pm ET) for this webinar sponsored by SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving

The impacts of COVID-19 have required that most organisations pause or modify their mobility programmes. As countries such as those in Asia Pacific move to reopen, mobility teams will be faced with the challenge of supporting remobilisation initiatives for their organisations. This webinar will offer insight into considerations for the development of a remobilisation strategy, stakeholder engagement, due diligence and practical guidelines and best practices.

Key take a ways for the participants:

  1. Strategies to align mobility programme structure with organisational changes and operating adjustments
  2. Evaluate readiness to remobilise
  3. Guidelines and best practises to design a strategy

Reasons to attend the webinar:

  1. Opportunity to learn what other organisations are challenged with
  2. Opportunity to gain insight to challenge mitigation strategies

CE Credit (fees may apply): GMS,CRP-Intl

Focus: Asia Pacific

The Speakers

Kathy Burrows
Director, Global Advisory Services

Kathy Burrows