Worldwide ERC® Government Affairs Update

14 Mar 2019
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Join Worldwide ERC® on 2:00 PM U.S. ET on 14 March 2019 for this webinar.

Don’t miss the next Tax and Legal Update webinar on March 14, for the latest on several key issues of importance to mobility.  

  1. We will likely know whether the UK has reached an agreement with the EU on Brexit or is heading for a hard withdrawal.  
  2. Transferees are filing tax returns for the first time since implementation of the tax cut package of 2017 and are facing issues prior to the April 15 filing deadline.
  3. The Federal Government will hopefully be fully funded for the remainder of FY2019 and policy discussions around FY2020 and issues impacting mobility will have finally started.  

Come hear details of these and other issues being followed by Worldwide ERC® for your continued mobility policy success.

Cost: Free
Credits: CRP, GMS (Fees may apply)
Focus: US, Global


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The Speakers

Government Affairs Advisor

Tristan North

Worldwide ERC®
Tax Counsel

Pete Scott

Worldwide ERC®