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Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) Designation

The Certified Relocation Professional® program is recommended for all mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee mobility within the United States, including corporate/HR, relocation service providers, brokers and appraisers.

Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) Designation

The Global Mobility Specialist® program was developed for mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee international mobility, and is open to all sectors including corporate/HR and relocation service providers.

Community Spotlight

Global Mobility Manager

Christopher Chalk, SGMS

Siemens Corporation

Christopher has been part of the mobility industry for 18 years and has been a member of Worldwide ERC for almost as long. He graduated from the University of Georgia and lived in Atlanta GA until he finally succumbed to our industry. That is when Christopher was relocated to Orlando, FL where he leads a global mobility operations and consultant team for long term expats at Siemens Corporation. Christopher also has responsibility for the inbound foreign local hire program. He enjoys spending time with his family, weekend trips to the beach or theme parks and sailing.

Associate Regional Business Partner

Emily Alvarez, GMS

Forrester Research, Inc

Emily Alvarez is an Associate Regional Business Partner at Forrester Research where she coaches managers and employees to success. In addition, Emily manages Forrester’s US immigration program and helps lead global mobility projects. She is passionate about helping employees pursue success beyond borders, whether it’s a family focused on new opportunities or an individual in pursuit of international leadership. Her current priorities are policy creation, operational efficiency, and learning (always learning!).

Vice President of Business Development

Chuck Garrett, CRP

Elite Pacific Properties

Realtor® and Certified Relocation Professional®, Chuck Garrett, serves Elite Pacific Properties as Vice President of Business Development, leading Elite’s business development, corporate relocation and broker-to-broker referral initiatives in Hawaii including the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Hawaii island. An active member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council® and current board member of the Relocation Directors Council®, Chuck has been passionately involved in real estate sales, management, relocation and technology since 1988.