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Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) Designation

The Certified Relocation Professional® program is recommended for all mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee mobility within the United States, including corporate/HR, relocation service providers, brokers and appraisers.

Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) Designation

The Global Mobility Specialist® program was developed for mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee international mobility, and is open to all sectors including corporate/HR and relocation service providers.

Community Spotlight

Lissa Workman, GMS
Manager, Global Mobility

Lissa Workman, GMS

NCR Corporation

Lissa is an innovative Global Mobility and HR leader with over 20 years’ experience specializing in policy development, process transformation, and service delivery. Lissa’s background in international corporate law, immigration, and employee mobility has given a strategic approach to support international expansion needs through redesign of policy and process of global talent movement programs. This includes global immigration services, expatriate and global compensation, benefits and taxation practices across the globe. Other areas of support in include selecting, implementing and managing third party service providers and advocating and implementing employee safety and security programs including crisis management planning.

Mary Mossberg, GMS-T
Global Mobility Manager

Mary Mossberg, GMS-T

Plexus Corp.

Serves as a dynamic functional leader providing advisory oversight in a fast-paced environment to all regional global mobility stakeholders. Drives the development, implementation, administration and evolution of the Global Mobility Center of Excellence and rolls out the Global Mobility strategy across global and organizational borders. Mary is a team leader who coaches, mentors and develops team members.

Terri Teuscher, GMS
Senior Mobility Specialist – Americas

Terri Teuscher, GMS

KONE Americas

Business-minded professional with experience in professional and financial services, subject matter expert for global mobility matters as they relate to tax, immigration, payroll, expense management and DSPs, project/program management. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with excellent aptitude for navigating business systems. Well-organized, self-motivated, and able to adapt to a variety of settings.