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Worldwide ERC®’s new Learning Portal is your vehicle to carry you to new professional destinations. We’ve amassed an impressive catalogue of interactive courses, webinars, videos, and conference session recordings that will hone your skills and inform and inspire you.

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Retirement Planning for a Global Workforce

How can we offer retirement plans for global assignees? What impact do different countries’ retirement schemes have on international travelers? What should I know about retirement plans as a mobility professional? This course will provide an overview of retirement plans, their history and factors and options that employers consider in providing retirement benefits to internationally mobile employees.

Tax Implications on Gross-Up Reimbursements

A brand new micro-course written and narrated by Worldwide ERC’s Tax Liaison, Peter K. Scott. Pete examines the tax implications of using gross-up reimbursements in mobility policies. Available to Worldwide ERC members and our Premium subscription holders.

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Compensation Considerations for a Global Workforce

Discusses the major approaches to compensation for employees being sent on international assignments, including advantages and disadvantages. Also takes a close look at the traditional home-based balance sheet approach, which was the original compensation method developed for international assignments and is still the most widely used mothed by multinationals.

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Interactive Online Learning

Worldwide ERC®’s interactive online learning courses use instructional design best practices to help you learn, apply and retain the information and skills that are taught. Some examples include Principles of Global Mobility for relative newcomers and Strategic Talent Mobility for more seasoned professionals.


Valuable, but brief, learning for busy people who just need to learn a skill or find information quickly. Examples include “Group Moves Within the U.S.,” “How to Calculate a Gross-up,” and “Relocation Appraising in the Context of Home Purchase Programs.”


Worldwide ERC®’s continuous learning journey includes opportunities for you to grow and showcase your expertise on social media by earning verified badges that you can post to your social media automatically. The learning to earn these badges is included in your premium subscription.

Learning Paths

Take part in specially designed Learning Paths that help you grow your skills in specific disciplines, such as “Finding and Retaining Talent,” “Become an Inclusive Leader,” and “Digital Transformation for Leaders,” from LinkedIn. Learning paths are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to aid in a higher level of understanding on various topics.


The Learning Portal includes a growing collection of timely Webinars on important topics of the day. From Tax and Legal updates, to industry trends and best in class content from the entire Talent Mobility ecosystem, webinars are a critical and easy way to stay on top of the changing industry.

Conference Session Recordings

The Learning Portal makes purchasing and listening to recorded conference sessions from Worldwide ERC®’s America’s Mobility Conferences and Global Workforce Symposiums easier than ever. Purchase them as a set or individually and earn GMS and CRP continuing education credits.


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Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) Designation

The Certified Relocation Professional® program is recommended for all mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee mobility within the United States, including corporate/HR, relocation service providers, brokers and appraisers.


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Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) Designation

The Global Mobility Specialist® program was developed for mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee international mobility, and is open to all sectors including corporate/HR and relocation service providers.


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