For a Global Marketplace That’s Constantly on the Move

In the ever-changing mobility industry, amidst the shifting sands of what it means to work globally as a business and continue to connect talent across borders, Worldwide ERC® is at the center, and it has been since 1964, shaping the future of a dynamic, innovative and growing mobility community.

With an Entrenched History in the Industry

What began as the Employee Relocation Real Estate Advisory Council — an organization developed by a small number of individuals to address the growing needs of a nation moving its employees to increase productivity — has evolved to become the premier trade association for talent management and global mobility knowledge. In 1964 there were 6 members. Sixty companies attended the first ERREAC conference, and 88 companies were approved for membership in January of 1965. Today, as Worldwide ERC®, our network of professionals, partners and stakeholders includes nearly 1,600 corporations and 10,000 service industry members across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia and the Americas.

An Invaluable Resource in a World of Change

From advocacy and education to emboldened conversation, we’re delivering new content and opportunities for personal and professional growth, helping mobility professionals navigate their ever-more-complex marketplace. It is this openness and desire to share information that defines our relationships and drives innovation in our industry. We teach and learn together, we make exceptional, lasting connections, and we form distinct, strategic alliances.


Worldwide ERC® Three-year Strategic Plan


We are inviting, energizing and connecting all professionals around the world who have business involvement in, and a curiosity about, talent mobility.


We are raising mobility efficiency, professionalism, knowledge and leadership to astonishing heights through state-of-the-art technology, best-practice modeling, expert insight, and respected branding.


We are curating information, developing training, building content, designing meetings, and delivering experiences that heighten competence and enlighten our mobility community.


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