Americas Mobility Conference

The Many Undercounted Business Impacts From Effective Relocation

Much like relocation services, business functions like purchasing, warehousing and transportation were historically considered by corporate executives as cost centers. However, after a number of years of fighting for meager budgets, they shifted their business case approach. They wisely moved their economic justification towards demonstrating their actual revenue and business impacts. And, under the label of supply chain, it is now considered to be an essential strategic function, and in some cases even a profit center. In an effort to make a similar transition, we invited Dr. John Sullivan, an expert in identifying business outcomes. We asked him, to increase our awareness of the often-undercounted business impacts resulting from great relocation services. During this energized and thought-provoking session, he will cover these important topics:

  • Identifying relo’s value-added contribution from improving the attraction and the retention of top talent
  • Revealing its possible impacts on employee and leadership development
  • Quantifying relo’s impact on cross business unit pollenization, collaboration and innovation
  • How to convert your identified impacts into the language of business, dollars
  • And yes, even how relocating top talent can directly increase revenue
  • Bring high expectations because this highly interactive session will answer all of your questions and provide you with the tools you need to bolster your own business case.



Dr. John Sullivan
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