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Global Workforce Symposium

Where the Money Goes – Global Assignments

A constant theme that Human Resource professionals emphasize when it comes to international assignments is that the experience costs a great deal of money. With the continued trend in increased global activity, understanding the costs is critical in helping forecast and manage budgets while ensuring the success of the assignment. Before building a case for the return on mobility investment, it is important to understand all the various expense components and where that money goes. This session will help attendees understand where the relocation dollars go (who gets what and why).


VP, Client Development Northeast Region

Rita Wahl, CRP, GMS
NEI Global Relocation


Managing Director, Relocation Services, Asia

Kay Kutt, SCRP, SGMS-T
Asian Tigers

Vice President, Global Business Development

Cathy Whitener, CRP, SGMS-T
Hildrup Companies


Kate Forsyth
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