Shanghai Summit

Globalization and Global Mobility

Globalization is increasingly impacting our world.  About 80% of individuals in the developed world and over half of the entire world population now have access to the internet. There are 4 times as many connected devices as people. On average, people send 3 million emails every second. We are in the middle of a technology revolution that is driving globalization and is fundamentally changing how we work and where we work.

This session will explore how globalization is affecting global mobility programs.  Issues addressed will include:  the major challenges posed by globalization which global mobility teams are facing now and in the future, how the nature of international assignments is changing, how reward strategies are changing to support businesses in a competitive global economy, and how companies can strike a balance between the competing demands of cost reduction, increased mobility, and equitability.


Vice President, Asia Pacific

Fred Schlomann
Vice President, Asia Pacific
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