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The Customer Experience (Kerwin Guillermo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

We all have customers, and we all are customers. From the transferee to the line manager, from the mobility consultant to the human resources professional, the customer relationship is not only integral but critical for success. And, a positive customer experience can lead to targeted and more efficient service delivery, increased assignee and family acceptance, as well policy innovations. Hear a discussion on analyzing and designing an affirmative and favorable Customer Experience!


Worldwide ERC®, Chair-Elect

Kerwin Guillermo
Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Kerwin serves as Board of Director for Worldwide ERC and effective 2020, has been designated Chairman-elect for the organization. 

Kerwin is the Global Head of Mobility for Hewlett Packard Enterprise since 2015.  Prior to that he managed both Mobility and Talent Acquisition Operations for Asia.

His HR Journey of over 20 years (across Intel and Hewlett Packard) is mostly about leading organizations through change, building teams and partnerships, nurtures an organizational culture that makes success sustainable. Whether it is about M&As or spin-offs, start-ups or site closures, outsourcing or setting up shared services, shifts in philosophy or technology – Kerwin has led multiple HR functions in fulfilment of change aspirations.

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