2018 Sao Paulo Summit News

With more than 20 million residents, a multitude of attractions and an economy that rivals any other cosmopolitan city in the world, it would be hard to call São Paulo a hidden gem. The truth is that travelers have long been drawn here for its stunning architecture and art, vibrant entertainment and culinary scene, and diverse culture.

But beyond that, São Paulo is rapidly taking its place as a leading global financial center, business hub and entrepreneurial hotbed. It recently was ranked the world’s 12th best ecosystem for startups, with some 2,700 active startups based here, fueled by a thriving network of private equity firms alongside many of the world’s largest banks. Co-working spaces abound, and its young, highly diverse and still relatively inexpensive workforce provides an abundant pool of talent for mobility professionals to tap.

Indeed, today São Paulo is the 10th richest city in the world, and one that is attracting the attention of mobility professionals from innovative companies across the globe seeking to establish a presence below the equator.

Worldwide ERC®’s Sao Paulo Summit

It is also the location of Worldwide ERC®’s São Paulo Summit 2018, where talent mobility professionals will have an opportunity to boost their knowledge of this must-market for multinationals.

“The diverse talent, business ecosystem, infrastructure, cosmopolitan appeal and thriving culture have combined to make São Paulo an exceptional region in which to do business in Latin America,” said Worldwide ERC® board member Gustavo Higuera, CRP, GMS-T, Regional Vice President Latin America, Weichert Workforce Mobility. “We are thrilled to host the São Paulo Summit and deliver the kind of talent mobility knowledge that can help companies maximize this dynamic place.” 

Startups, long-established firms and all organizations in between will benefit from the dynamic exchanges, small-group interactions and unique learning opportunities at the Summit. Additionally, mobility professionals will have the chance to listen to influential speakers discuss key mobility trends which will drive the future of the industry and apply those lessons in their everyday tasks.

Come join us for the 2018 São Paulo Summit and experience all that Brazil’s business hub has to offer on 4 December 2018. Register today!

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