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This article originally appeared in the May edition of Mobility Magazine.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Worldwide ERC® and the workforce mobility industry as a whole greatly benefit from the generous gifts of time and talent that so many members share throughout the year, whether through serving on a committee, participating in educational panels at meetings and events, authoring articles, or sharing insights and expertise on task forces, on forums, or in specific leadership positions.

Worldwide ERC® formally acknowledges the contributions of its members through its annual Service and Editorial Achievement awards programs. Since 1989, Worldwide ERC® has recognized members for their voluntary contributions to the organization via Meritorious Service Awards, Distinguished Service Awards, and induction into an esteemed Hall of Leaders. Awards in each of these service categories are earned upon the accumulation of 10 service points or 25 service points, or receipt of four Distinguished Service Awards, respectively.

The Editorial Achievement Award is presented to a Worldwide ERC® member or members who author a Mobility article or articles demonstrating outstanding and timely subject matter relevance, expertise, and writing excellence.

This year we are delighted to congratulate 39 members for earning a Distinguished or Meritorious Service Award, and recognize three members for editorial excellence. We are grateful they chose to share their time and expertise in the service of their fellow professionals through Worldwide ERC®.

Mobility Editorial Achievement Award

We are pleased to recognize two Mobility magazine articles with a 2017 Editorial Achievement Award. The selection of these articles speaks to two key areas that are top of mind for talent mobility professionals:

  • Understanding how to more effectively use data and predictive analytics
  • Ensuring that global assignees—and their family members—are fully prepared for and ready to embrace the journey ahead, and that the right level of support can set them up for success.

In their June 2017 article “Mobile Workforce Analytics: The Holy Grail,” Amy Parrent, GMS-T, head of global mobility with Vanguard (formerly with Whirlpool Corporation), and Ellie Sullivan, SCRP, SGMS-T, HCS, senior vice president, consulting and advisory services, with Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., teamed up to explore the significance of data in measuring ROI. They reviewed how substantial strides in big data and workforce analytics are enabling more companies to successfully quantify the relationships that demonstrate exactly why and how mobility matters. In looking at both descriptive and predictive categories, the article reviews the impact data has on informing workforce mobility decisions, including candidate selection and leadership development. The authors delve into how to take a strategic approach to focus on creating meaningful hindsight, actionable insights, and predictable foresights to help businesses derive greater value from their mobile workforce.

Jenny Castelino, director, international sales, with Cartus in Singapore, highlighted the importance of ensuring that mobile employees and their accompanying family members are successfully equipped for and can adjust well to their moves. In “He Said, She Said: Successful International Assignments Begin at Home,” published in the October 2017 issue, she shares the uniquely personal stories of Dr. Sugoutam Ghosh and his wife, Deepmala De, and their respective experiences during their journey from Singapore to Turkey. With a direct correlation between the adjustment of an accompanying spouse or partner and an employee’s overall success on an international assignment, their honest explorations of some of their struggles—and the corresponding impacts—reinforce the importance of providing the right levels of support.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

First-Time Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Deborah L. Balli, SCRP, GMS-T
SIRVA Worldwide Inc.
Plymouth, MN, USA

Mickey K. Calantropio, SCRP
SIRVA Worldwide Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Renita Charrlin, SCRP, SGMS
HR & Relo Advisors
Lakeside Marblehead, OH, USA

Jennifer M. Connell, SCRP, SGMS-T
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.
Norwell, MA, USA

Jack Jampel, SCRP
Glen Mills, PA, USA

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