Advancing Global Mobility: A Conversation with Worldwide ERC®’s Board Chair and CEO

Worldwide ERC® President and CEO Lynn Shotwell and Board Chair Andrew Walker held the first quarterly town hall of 2021 to discuss Worldwide ERC®’s shared vision for how they will help the industry respond to changes from the pandemic.

On Wednesday, 24 February, Worldwide ERC® President and CEO, Lynn Shotwell, was joined by Board Chair, Andrew Walker, for the first quarterly town hall of 2021. As the world continues to grapple with a global pandemic that has upended the way we work and live, Worldwide ERC®’s leaders shared their vision for how they will help the industry respond.

A Vision for the Way Forward

Kicking off the webinar, Walker expressed that while COVID may have detoured the industry a bit, it didn’t take us off track; in fact, it has only accelerated transformation for both the industry and Worldwide ERC®. Even before the pandemic, the Board of Directors focused on transforming Worldwide ERC® to meet the evolving needs of the industry, bringing in new leadership and board members to represent diverse segments within mobility.

That new leadership, of course, included the welcoming of Shotwell as Worldwide ERC®’s new President and CEO. Addressing how Worldwide ERC® accelerated its transformation amidst uncertainty, Shotwell explained that with clear vision for the future and with a strategic imperative to continue to support the industry in every way, Worldwide ERC® has been able to weather the storm. “My vision is that we build a voice and reputation for this industry such that when you tell your aunt you work in mobility, she’ll understand that means you are helping to create opportunities for talented people to work where their dreams take them and that this creates a better world for all of us,” said Shotwell.

Going forward, Worldwide ERC® is focusing on helping the industry by speaking with one voice through advocacy and standards; delivering unbiased insights; continually updating learning and development opportunities; and, connecting mobility professionals to foster community. The path forward is clear and bright, and Shotwell expressed that Worldwide ERC® is stepping up in ways unlike before, with our guiding principle unchanged: to always have members’ best interests at heart, while being open to challenges to do things differently.

Meeting You Where You Are

The webinar format provided Shotwell and Walker the opportunity to directly answer some of Worldwide ERC® members’ pressing questions. Top of mind for members continues to be the focus on remote work, and what skills people managers need to pivot and manage the distributed workforce. To support employers navigating this new normal, Shotwell and Walker discussed the release of Worldwide ERC®’s upcoming remote work research report which will be further explored at two virtual events: a North American-EU Summit and a Spring Conference.

Other areas that have gained prominence for mobility professionals are diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and sustainability, which Worldwide ERC® plans to address in research, insights, and events this year. Such critical topics of importance represent how mobility must continue to evolve to meet the needs of a changing workforce. Through it all, it remains imperative to create a valuable cross-border employee experience while presenting mobility as a strategic enabler of business. But, no matter how work changes, Worldwide ERC®’s value proposition remains clear: to be a trusted resource for the mobility industry through education and connection that addresses mobility professionals’ evolving needs.

Additional questions touched on Worldwide ERC®’s annual report; public policy and advocacy initiatives from the Worldwide ERC® public policy team and forum leaders; plans for upcoming Worldwide ERC® events and webinars, as well as plans for the Foundation. There is much in store from Worldwide ERC® to continue supporting and connecting the workforce mobility industry even beyond the pandemic. For now, Shotwell, Walker, the Board of Directors, and the entire Worldwide ERC® team remain keenly focused on meeting members where they are, knowing that no matter the challenge, mobility is where work is going.

Members who may have missed the town hall or want to watch it again can click here! The next Town Hall will be held in May around the Spring Conference. To see our upcoming webinars and conferences, check out our events page!


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