Data Security and Privacy Is at the Forefront of Technological Innovation in Global Mobility

Lynn Shotwell, GMS - Aug 18 2022
Published in: Technology
| Updated Apr 27 2023
Weichert’s Stewart McCardle highlights the development of new platform: Weichert Go

The last few years have certainly served as a major stress test for technology systems across our industry. However, I have found that these challenges also present exciting opportunities for growth and innovation.

To that end, I recently had the chance to sit down with Weichert Workforce Mobility Senior Vice President of Technology Stewart McCardle for a One Take conversation. We discussed the ways that Weichert is seeking to revolutionize how global workforce mobility companies handle digital engagement while also protecting user privacy.

Our conversation centered around the development of Weichert’s new digital service platform, Weichert Go. As Stewart explained, Weichert Go is built for continuous modernization, leveraging the expertise of an external partner, in this case Salesforce, to ensure that the program is kept up to date with the latest industry knowledge for ultimate user ease.

“Weichert Go is a completely new system. It’s a bold move. And what we believe is that it is really set up to deliver and handle, not only today’s problems, but next year’s problems, challenges, and opportunities, as well as three years out, and 10 years out from now,” McCardle said. “Our mission was really to look forward and make sure that we continue to stay on this path of technical innovation and user experience.”

We also touched on the increasing importance of data security and protecting user privacy as global mobility companies continue to adopt new platforms and technologies. McCardle underscored the importance for businesses to be aware of the kind of information their platforms are collecting and to understand the complex web of existing regulations concerning data privacy around the world when implementing new systems.

“Data security and privacy are paramount to us here at Weichert, and we spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and designing around that,” McCardle said. “You need to know what you have, what you’re collecting, what you’re going to do with that data, and who has access.”

Weichert Workforce Mobility clearly recognizes the importance of balancing technological innovation with careful consideration of its uses and misuses. I know I am excited to see and learn from how they forge the future on workforce mobility.