The All-Virtual 2020 Global Workforce Symposium Concludes

In case you missed it, last week concluded the 2020 Global Workforce Symposium.

Last week, the all-virtual Global Workforce Symposium concluded after a month of connection, learning, and development across all sectors of the workforce mobility industry. After an unprecedented year of change, it was imperative to bring industry peers together and share lessons learned while looking to the future of work. Mobility leaders in all corners of the world have risen to these challenges and demonstrated their strategic importance, illustrating that the mobility industry is where work is going.

Before GWS concluded, there was still a full day of networking and engaging educational sessions. The morning began with educational sessions on the impact of COVID-19 on mobility with insight into how mobility might change in the post-COVID-19 environment. Following was a session on the current issues to consider as mobility professionals prepare travelers for border entry processes, learning about critical strategies to navigate areas of immediate impact and concern when employees travel internationally. Additional sessions included global compensation reporting and compliance, as well as how mobility practitioners and service providers play a role in the new normal of remote work.

Following a networking hour and a refreshment break sponsored by Aires, the learning continued with educational sessions on such topics as how to get leadership buy-in with better analytics and a YP40 discussion on how digital HR impacts global mobility. A panel of experts discussed how the mini-housing boom, record home lending rates, employees moving to less urban areas and virtual workers are changing the workforce dynamics. Additional sessions gave insight into the new reality of working, real estate and consumer reactions to 2020, how to get environmentally-friendly service at a low cost, understanding emotional intelligence, and industry innovation and transformation.

After another networking hour, attendees were then able to ignite their education about the future of mobility with the IGNITE series of 5-minute long presentations. Each presenter showcased 20 slides that automatically progressed every 15 seconds per slide as a fun and exciting way to learn about every silo in mobility while thinking differently and challenging the status quo.

Closing the Global Workforce Symposium was a conversation with industry leaders led by Worldwide ERC® President and CEO Lynn Shotwell on the unprecedented changes confronting the global mobility industry. As mobility leaders across the world and in all sectors of the industry rise to meet new challenges and solve new problems, now is the time to work together to build a stronger community of professionals and experts to create a new world of global mobility.

The Global Workforce Symposium in its first-ever all-virtual format was just one step to bringing the industry together. After a month of connection and learning, it’s time to enter 2021 with vigor and enthusiasm, applying lessons learned to a new landscape. Of the many lessons learned, one thing is abundantly clear: we are where work is going. And through it all, Worldwide ERC® will continue to create the safe space where such professionals can gain critical industry insights and credentials, network with peers, and come together with one voice to solve the toughest challenges of our time.

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