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Global Movement Study

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Our Global Movement Study is a groundbreaking examination of global mobility program structures and practices.  Its first of its kind policy framework will allow companies to truly benchmark the entirety of their global programs against peers and best practice industry leaders.  The study will encompass all types of global mobility assignments and transfers, including: long term, short term, permanent transfer, local plus, commuter, rotational, global nomad, developmental, intra-regional, project based and more.  Policy provisions include everything from cost of living to compensation, as well as core, flex and lump sum structures.


Participants receive complimentary global results on our new interactive, cloud based benchmarking platform.  Results and access available Q4 2019.


If you have any questions regarding this report or would like to participate, please contact Matt Gilliland at mgilliland@worldwideerc.org or +1 703 842 3406.