Getting the Right Seat at the Right Table all the Time! Mobilizing Mobility to Advance Global Workforce Planning

13 Sep 2018
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Join Worldwide ERC® at 11:00 AM  U.S. Eastern time on 13 September 2018 for this webinar sponsored by MSI Global Talent Solutions

What does it take to switch from being viewed as a traditional mobility operations function to being sought after as a strategic partner that advances global workforce planning? How closely do you work with your company’s businesses, human capital and talent management teams as a trusted influencer and decision maker? The reality of today’s marketplace requires Global Mobility’s valuable insights, analyses, and input in key decision making. It is no longer an option to utilize Global Mobility but a requirement to doing business. Global Mobility must be at the right seat at the right table all the time to influence and support global workforce planning needs. How do we prepare ourselves for this re-branding? 

We know what we do today, but how are we going to do it differently tomorrow?

Cost: Free

Credits: CRP, GMS (Fees may apply)

Focus: Global, Domestic


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The Speakers

VP Transformation

Jan Eckert

MSI Global Talent Solutions