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The first live, interactive global mobility benchmarking database of over 1,300 policies supporting 250,000+ employees across 10 common policy types.

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The Workforce Mobility Benchmarking Platform

The Workforce Mobility Benchmarking Database is powered by our participants. As a thank you for supporting our efforts to elevate the conversation and provide insights to the industry, all participants receive free full results access for each type of program based on participation.

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How it Works

Taking Surveys and entering data isn't fun, and the 200+ page report you get back isn't better; we get it. That's why we've rolled up our sleeves to make the process easier for you and the outcome more useful by combining analytics, technology and good old fashioned survey design.


We've made this step as easy as possible. Enter your program exactly as it is: policies, guidelines and all. Have 20 policies with multiple tiers? No problem. Our software adjusts to the structure of your program.


We use analytics and rigorous human verification to ensure everything looks right.


Within a few days, your data and access are ready to go.

Have additional questions or looking for unique data?

Our team of research and data experts is ready to help you with all of your benchmarking needs. If you would like to discuss our data products in more depth, or how we can assist with providing custom data, please provide your contact details and member of the team will be in contact shortly.